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You have a question about our consulting services? On our training modules or the Panache trainers? On our social engagement? We will give you some answers on these pages. For the rest, please contact us. We’ll be most happy to respond.

We also share tips and tricks to speak well in public on social media. 
[[fr]]Déjà une belle première étape passée ensemble, on espère qu'on vous ferez bientôt partie de nos +1000 personnes formées ces 6 derniers mois ! Un membre de panache va vous répondre rapidement :)[[en]]Great for this first step, we're glad to maybe have you among our 1000+ people trained the last 6-months. A panache member will answer you back soon.
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Why "panache"?

"With panache" means "with confidence", "with style". It is a moment when you shine, are listened to and where you have impact. A moment when you come out of your shell and speak up for what you believe in.

Why did you create a collective?

Originally, we were two friends coaches / independent trainers in public speaking (Julien and Régis). Tired of doing missions alone and of refusing requests that we could not answer to, we wanted to regroup while keeping our freedom. Because we are committed to coaching also on the substance, we are also aware that we do not master all subjects. Coming together as a collective is the best solution to bring you the most relevant coaches and to keep our freedom of self-employed.

How does your collective work?

Based on the principles of sociocracy, solicitation of opinions, co-governance and trust, the collective evolves with its members. Different circles of involvement have been created to enable everyone to make an informed commitment. We test and iterate our governance to best meet our common mission: to make people and ideas shine through public speaking.

How do you select the trainers who join Panache?

Each trainer has been selected  by at least 2 current members of the collective. Then they animate a free workshop responding to our social / societal commitment. This allows us to see them in action and to be aligned with the essential qualities to have during each of our interventions.

In which geographical area can we call on you?

Our current team is based in France, Portugal and Germany. We can easily move within these areas, and beyond. We intervene everywhere on the planet, in French and / or in English. We have trained in French Polynesia, so do not hesitate to invite us in paradisiacal corners!

Why do you offer free workshops?

Because we believe in emancipation and self-confidence by public speaking. We are committed to enabling anyone to be heard. More than a commitment, it is a leitmotiv for each of panache's coaches. We are always curious to imagine new formats of workshops, events, interventions. Ideas, desires? Come talk to us!