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As Good as It Gets

Once upon a time there was an impossible model of infinite growth in a world of limited resources”

The world needs to be reenchanted

The mantra of eternal growth, job expansion and resource exploitation has revealed itself to be dangerous. Climate change, social unrest and growing inequalities are just some of the most blatant consequences. It is high time we question our narrative of progress and success. And indeed, alternatives are emerging, calling for a more sustainable, inclusive and fairer way of doing things. But we are only at the beginnings. Big ideas need time to emerge. And they need powerful narratives. That is why we contribute to empowering organisations and people with big ideas develop and communicate powerful stories, transformative ideas and responsible business practices.

Pro bono and panache label

Panache is a social enterprise: we spend part of our revenues to support social projects. We believe that everyone has the right to be heard. Everyone should have the confidence to stand up for the ideas she believes in. That is why we commit 20% of our time to train projects with a social mission for free - like equal opportunity, social inclusion, sustainable development and gender parity.

More than a commitment, it is a leitmotif for each of us.

Our impact

Since our inception in june 2019

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