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Whatever the task at hand, however challenging the goal or critical the audience, “Ain’t no mountain high enough”. as Marvin Gaye would say. We are passionate about the art and science of speaking in public. Whoever speaks up, leaves a mark on the world. Because the words we use shape the world we live in. They stir emotions, convey visions and change behavior. In short, they shape the reality we live in. They give us the freedom to stand up for what we believe in, engage, share and create. 
Whether you found the solution to mitigating climate change (please do let us know!), whether you’d like to onboard your team to your new company vision, raise millions for your start-up or sign important deals with your partners - you will need to speak in a way that is simple, memorable and truly inspiring to reach your goal.

The secret recipe to inspire change

We believe in a simple truth. The best way to inspire others is to simply be yourself. All you need is already in you. Our job is to bring this to the surface, and to make you achieve your full potential. 
All you need to do is be audacious and speak with panache. We offer you a proven method to work both on the content and delivery of your presentations. It has been forged over our many years of experience as entrepreneurs, comedians, and trainers. 

The next time you’ll be under the spotlight, it will be for a standing ovation :)

Your needs

"Make a difference in any situation"

We offer training, consulting and coaching services for business and individuals - free speech, almost powerpoint free. Whatever the format, it will transform you. Not even your mother will be able to recognize you.

Consulting & Coaching

Craft powerful, brilliantly delivered presentations you will be proud of. We analyse your business strategy and audiences to guide you in delivering messages that stick. 


  • You participate in a pitching competition
  • You present a new strategy to your team
  • You pitch your business idea to investors
  • You want to inspire at your next keynote speech
  • You face a hard interview by Oprah Winfrey


Build your speaker skills and deliver presentations that make a difference. In any situation, whatever the stakes.


  • Learn to enjoy speaking in public
  • Learn to deliver an efficient pitch
  • Learn to use storytelling to engage your audience
  • Become the leader you’ve always wanted to be
  • Make a compelling case for your idea
  • Learn to negotiate a win-win deal

They communicate with panache!

You helped us deliver great speeches on sensible topics to an international audience. Your good will, empathic listening and suggestions were a true asset. Your professionalism and good-humored nature were most helpful. Thank you Panache!”

Olivier Sastre,  Senior Vice President Human Ressources
Louis Vuitton

Florence Lévy Weil Sanofi

Consulting me on both the content and delivery of my pitches is what made the work with you magic. You were full of ideas, very creatif. That helped me a lot with my content. I have grown a lot in this process, because I completely went out of my comfort zone. Now I know that change starts with me. I need to show myself and go deep. I loved to work my speaking technique, body language, my gaze, posture, voice and construction of my speech. I am very grateful, because without this work I wouldn’t have been able to do something as good. It totally met my expectations.”

Svenia Busson, CEO
LearnSpace - TEDx talk on Education

Jean Guo Konexio

Despite a lot of experience in media training, I wasn’t at all prepared to pitch to investors. Thanks to you, I learned how to structure my pitch, how to present my go-to-market strategy and business model. I will always remember the Lean Canvas, as extremely helpful in structuring my pitches. Thank you for all your enthusiasm"

Benjamin Azoulay, Founder CEO

I had a crucial pitch to give. It could win me 600.000 € and visibility that would greatly accelerate the impact of my project. Your guidance helped me refine my arguments and brilliantly deliver my messages. That was a huge boost. And the best of it all - we won!”

Jean Guo, Founder CEO
Konexio - Google Impact Challenge's Winner

Your consulting has brought huge clarity, precision and a powerful value communication towards our target. The work with you was a founding moment of our company. It enabled us to find a common story and shared vision."

Antoine Calmus, Business Intelligence Freelance, Founder
Data & BI

It is always a pleasure to work with Panache! Your approach is very positive and full of energy. You have an incredible capacity to adapt to different types of needs (public speaking, facilitation, animation) as well as to very different profiles (students, scientists, doctors). We know that we are in good hands every year."

Dr Soussan Daniloski, Strategy Director
Raison de Santé

An excellent coaching delivered in a very good-natured manner. I developed my skills to deliver powerful public speeches, which are refreshingly different and simple to understand. I learned to embrace vulnerability, learned storytelling techniques used at TED and ways to deal with stress that I regularly use in my situations."

Franck Brou, Director
Vinci Facilities Events

In addition to being great mentors for our incubation programs towards social startups, Panache’s coaching allowed me to learn very concretely the key ingredients of a successful pitch. I think of this every time I present my organisation, whether in front of 6 people or an audience of 100. I now feel much more at ease to assert myself and to prepare a great presentation from beginning to end. Pitching is much more pleasurable that it ever was."

Alizée Lozac'hmeur, director incubation social startups

Thank you for your coaching. It was very good, both when done individually or in groups. You greatly understood our needs and our positioning. We felt instantly at ease, full of trust and found that you always brought great insights into how to manage our body language - from gesticulation, to the gaze and our voice. It was very valuable. So much so, that we managed to win the clients we were looking to acquire!”

Françoise Thuel, Director
Job Link

I was seduced by the approach of Panache: pragmatic, accessible done with great methodology. Thanks to the inspiring work of Panache, I could take the time to reflect, take some distance and progress well on my positioning and strategic narration. You were the perfect sparring partners. Exactly what I needed as an entrepreneur.”

Marie-Gabrielle Sorin, Founder & CEO
We Engage

It has now been several times we have called on Panache. And we have never been disappointed. Your coaching approach made a great difference: self-confidence, techniques for interacting audiences, structuring key messages. In short, a guaranteed value proposition. Great job, standing ovation and big thank you to you all!”

Chloé Peccatte, Manager Incubation

A very instructive and dynamic training. As a take away we get a lot of techniques that we can implement instantly. They are easy to remember and create a great team cohesion and better communication among us. You are very charming, energetic and passionate. We surely never get bored!”

Cécile Torres, Responsible for Client Experience

The coaching before and during the ChangeNow Summit has been a great added value to our start-ups. They felt much less stressed and more confident to captivate their audience during their pitch. You do a great job!”

Marianne Josselin, Head of Startups relation
ChangeNOW Summit

Since our training, I have delivered quite a few public speeches. Apart from learning that rehearsal and repetition is very important, the training allowed me to better use my voice, release stress and know how to create great stories. That makes quite a difference.” 

Élodie Chouisnard, CCO & Co-founder

In just a few hours, Panache has offered me - me, who hated to speak in public - concrete tools, clear methods and above all allowed me to regain confidence in my abilities to speak. Your active listening, your humour and kind approach have transformed my public speeches into a rich and joyful moment. What you do, is about much more than learning to speak in public. It is about learning to be yourseful, authentically. I recommend Panache 1000% - both for its expertise and for the exceptional human qualities.” 

Marianne Leenart, writer and meditation teacher
Pas Sage

When I introduced myself to others, I went to infinity and beyond. Woody told me that I had found Panache” (watch the proof in the french version)

Buzz lightyear, Ranger
ToyStory 1, 2, 3, 4

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