September 16, 2019

Craft speeches worth remembering in english

The context:

Diplomats have to speak a lot. Be it policy makers or journalists, fellow diplomats or heads of state - many come to seek their opinion. Whether pacifying Venezuela, stabilising Afghanistan or managing the conflict in Cashmere, the questions they are asked are as wide in rage as they can be large in scope. Answering well is not easy. Diplomats need to strike fragile balances. They want attention without scandal. Depth of analysis without dryness. Representation of interests without provocation. Nicholas from Berlin was his coach.

The challenge:

The stakes are high, and words weigh heavy. So here comes Panache. Over the course of 2 months, Panache worked with a European Diplomat in Berlin to help him craft speeches worth remembering. Help him leverage on his great analytical strength, while captivating the audience.

The solution:

Science might be ruled by reason. But crowds are not. To be convinced, they want emotions. To remember, they need stories. To believe, they seek authenticity. And what is more authentic than a person passionate about what she is saying?

How did we go about it? Simple. He spoke. We listened. Gave feedback. He spoke again. Improved. More feedback. And over and over. We did so in English, French and German. To make it real, we simulated daily situations at work:

- Interviews with journalists

- Answers to questions in panel debates

- Responses to offensive audience members

- Or simply thanking the team for their great work.

So we worked on making his ideas shine and the person behind them. We looked both on content and form. We tried out different presentation styles - from passionate, to serious and jovial. We experimented with being as complex as necessary and as simple as possible. We shortened answers. We made them concrete. We used stories to make a point. We shared emotions, while maintaining diplomatic reservation.

It was a pleasurable 2 months. And we wish our diplomate the best in his future endeavours. To conclude, we’d like to warmly thank him for opening up our minds to the rich and fertile grounds of Diplomates with Panache.


"I really appreciated the interactive method and it was much better than what I had received in public speaking training in the past. Thank you panache!" - our European Diplomat who wants to stay anonymous

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